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(Directions below map)

From Joburg: Take The Friendly N6 from Bloemfontein to Aliwal North. 800km

At Aliwal North, turn off on to the R58 towards Lady Grey. Continue past Lady Grey towards Barkly East.

Approximately 48 kms from Lady Grey, turn left at the New England turn out on to gravel road.

Travel for approx. 7km. At the New England fork, keep right and follow the Lundeans Nek signs.

Travel for approx. 8.5km. At the Wartrail / Barkly East fork, keep left towards Wartrail & Lundeans Nek.

Travel for approx. 15km. At the next New England / Wartrail T-junction, turn right towards Wartrail & Lundean’s Nek.

Travel for approx. 19km. At the Mosheshesford / Lundean’s Nek fork, keep left towards Lundean’s Nek.

Travel for approximately 2 km and at the Tiffindell/Lundean’s Nek fork, keep right towards Tiffindell – the Wartrail Sports Club will now be on your left;
Continue for 9 km until you reach the Bidstone Cottages Farm on your right-hand side.

Fill up with petrol/diesel in Aliwal North or Barkly East as there are no other fuel stations along the way.

Please contact us as you leave the tar road then I know where you are at what time. There is very little cell phone reception once you are on the gravel road.  From the start of the gravel road to Bidstone Cottages will take approximately one hour.  The dirt road is rough in some sections so please travel carefully.

Alternate route from Jo’burg: Take the more scenic route – Kroonstad – Senekal – Marquard – Clocolan – Hobhouse – Wepner – Zastron – Sterkspruit – Telle Bridge (gravel road) – Lundeans Nek (gravel road) 700km – HIGH CLEARANCE VEHICLES ONLY, GRAVEL IS ROUGH
From East London: Take the Friendly N6 to Aliwal North, or travel to Barkly East via Elliot.

From Durban: Travel to Barkly East via Maclear, Ugie, Elliot or follow the Maloti Route from Harrismith to Aliwal North or Zastron. RECOMMENDED ROUTE: From Barkly East, take the R58 towards Lady Grey. Two kms outside of town, turn right on to the gravel road towards New England / Lundean’s Nek. Travel for 10 kms until you reach the New England / Wartrail fork. Keep right towards Wartrail.  Continue with point 5 above.



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Bidstone Cottages
Bidstone Cottages shared K-Way SkyRun's photo.Monday, November 19th, 2018 at 6:14pm
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